Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good nite, sweet prince...volume 2

Did I tell you that the name of the show will be "The Annotated Raymond"?

And that the piece de resistance will be a self-portrait that show-goers will annotate during the run of the exhibition?

Or is that the ne plus ultra?

Or should I call it "Giving Raymond the Cheese"?

These are all questions.

No really. I mean, literally, every sentence up until the one before the one before this one was a question.
So when you said "These are all questions," you really meant it?
It wasn't one of those blow-some-smoke phrases like "I'll look into it" or "Let me reflect on that"?
No. Those were all questions.
It wasn't like one of those situations when you are in a public forum and somebody asks you a difficult, perhaps controversial question--perhaps a question upon which your entire future depends--and unfortunately you don't know the answer to it so you say, playing for time, "That is an excellent question."?
No. Nothing like that. Those were really all questions.
Remind me to tell you about dropping off Big Jimmy.


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