Friday, May 30, 2008

"The Annotated Bear" has been sold

If you are wondering what happened to the eBay listing for "The Annotated Bear", the answer is that it is gone. The reason? Somebody made me an offer on the street that I couldn't resist.

That said, in fulfillment of the purchaser's wishes, I'll continue to collect annotations over the next two days. Today I'll be downtown in Wall Street proper. Monday, weather permitting, I'll be back up at Bear Stearns--if that's even what they will be calling it on Monday--for one last session.

In the meantime, I do have two paintings currently for sale. They are:

"The Annotated Spitzer"--which really, I have to tell you, is a simply smashing painting. It is currently hanging in a group show this month called "Rockers and Posers" at the Brooklyn Artists Gym Gallery. The opening is this Saturday evening. The address is 168 7th Street, Brooklyn.


"The Warren Commission 1," which can be seen by appointment.

I can understand, I suppose, how somebody might not like the idea of a painting of Eliot Spitzer above his or her mantlepiece. But Big Warren? C'mon, the man's an icon. And the black and white, obscured box treatment gives this painting a palpable majesty.

If I didn't own it already, I would totally buy it.


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