Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mon vélo est mon ennemi. Et mon amant.

Zuit alors! Le Tour de Fromage est en cours.

First crack out of the gate, if that's the phrase, and I hit it on the head with a 12.13. This gives me 3 hundredths of a mile in the bank, which, as they say, is something. It took me fifty-some minutes at an average speed of 13.7 miles per hour.

In the Tour de France, Alejandro Valverde had a strong kick at the end and won the stage by about a second. And tomorrow he'll be wearing le Maillot Jeune. It angers me that I am having a Time Warner cable melt-down (the repairman comes on Monday) and I have missed watching the first day of the Tour for the first time in recent memory. It's a black, black day, at least as regards those things television-related.

Still, the ride was nice.


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