Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Hank--End of Day 1/End of Day 2

This is where we stood with "The Annotated AIG" as of last night:

Really a pretty pathetic showing from the AIG people (who were marking in blue). Big Hank sets the all time record for least annotations on Day 1. To be honest, I half-felt like I should just head straight to Wall Street for Day 2 (because you can only take so much rejection, and I must have said some version of "Sir, would you like a marker?" a thousand times, only to watch the recipient of the comment look around like a deer caught in the headlines and flee, either up or down the street).

Man up, AIG. Nobody's actually going to fire you for writing something on my freaking painting.

Anyway, I bit the bullet, went back to 70 Pine, and things actually brightened up a bit on the second day. I spent (in the company of a photographer from Fortune, the writer from the Observer and a French camera crew) about an hour and a half in front of AIG and netted more annotations in that one period than I got all of yesterday.

The damned thing was still looking kind of bare, though. So we decamped for my usual spot on the sidewalk across Broad Street from the NYSE. Imagine my surprise to find they were digging the whole place up...

To make a long story short, we propped ourselves against the base of a statue of George Washington and stayed there for about an hour, til the Park Rangers kicked us off what they referred to as Federal property. Then we stood across the street, had a pretty pleasant afternoon, and came up with this.

Which is where we currently stand. Not bad. Interesting comments. Double-click to see.


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