Thursday, September 18, 2008

Every once in a while

JD, one of my key people, sent me a blog posting about me. And I swear to God, it is really about the most interesting thing I've read in a while...
On a more fellowship-related note, I am currently in awe of the PR skills of Geoffrey Raymond. I share his propensity to paint faces we see in the media -- I did Benazir Bhutto the day after her assassination as a sort of catharsis, I did a Bernanke (which, because I am an idiot and never put it on my portfolio, you can only see here) after reporting on him for a summer. It only makes sense - we see their faces splashed everywhere and in a way get to know them. They're friends, once removed. An interest in Bernanke's worry lines is only natural -- for anyone, at this point.

But Mr. Raymond is a genius. Not only did he quickly and deftly put together a fabulous and engaging portrait of Dick Fuld, the man of the hour for better or worse, but he set it up outside the Lehman office. This is wonderful on so many levels - speaking of catharsis, Lehman employees can write in green and laymen in black, on the actual painting. That appeals also to my constant desire to record everything - this Annotated Fuld is a magnificent snapshot of every random passing emotion, like a twittering painting. How fantastic, how of-the-moment in so many ways. And finally, Mr. Raymond is executing what is probably the best example of professional self-promotion I have ever seen. Well played, Mr. Raymond.

To bid, go to

The only flaw in his plan is, who has enough money to buy this (check out his range - I am dealing in pennies), after the very moment that made it so valuable?
I'm not all that comfortable with this genius business. I mean, look what happened to Jets Coach Eric Mangini after they started calling him "Mangenius."

I think I'm more of an idiot-savant.

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