Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This re. Hank Greenberg...

Do you even know who Hank Greenberg is?

There are, in fact, two answers:

A) He is the Detroit Tiger mega-slugger from the 30s and 40s. The first guy to earn MVP honors at two positions. Victim of possible anti-Semitic activities--i.e., when he was closing in on Ruth's single-season home run record, some baseball historians suggest that he was pitched around more than circumstances would otherwise dictate; the implication being that The Powers that Be in baseball at the time didn't want the home run king to be Jewish. This, for the record, doesn't surprise me a bit.

Additionally for the record, this guy is NOT the guy we are painting.

B) Former Chairman of embattled insurance giant AIG. His six or seven billion dollars worth of AIG stock (Billions, not millions) is now clocking in at around 1.7 bil. He is pissed, and he looks like this:

And it is HE whom we are painting next.

Hey Joe--get out your check-book. See you Monday outside 70 Pine.


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