Saturday, September 13, 2008

The media weighs in

I was pleased with the coverage of Big Anna on the gossipy side of the media (usually I'm in the business pages, more or less). New York Magazine, Gawker and Vanity Fair all had something to say, plus a bunch of blogs. My favorite came from VF's "Power and Politics Blog", which went like this:

Anna Wintour (No. 64) experiences the type of mortification usually reserved for junior high, when Geoffrey Raymond doodles an oversized portrait of her and invites strangers to write notes about her. Even still, she remains the most popular girl in school.

Now, let's assume that you are reading this at nearly ten in the morning on Saturday the thirteenth, and you have perhaps drifted here from the eBay site listing the Wintour painting, and you are contemplating making a bid. You've never heard of me before, nor have you experienced the bizarre journey that comprises the reading of this blog (unless it should be "is comprised of..."), I would say this to you.

Where else are you going to be able to buy a painting like this for $3,500? Go back to the eBay site and make a bid before it's too late!


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