Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Annotated Wintour

Here is where we stand at the end of Day 1. Bidding, as you may remember, ends Saturday morning at eleven.

Regarding the day itself, I found a position on the S. E. corner of 41st. and 6th. It was an interesting spot in that I could see a lot of the goings on on the stairs leading up to the main entrance to the tent. Or is it tents? Honestly, I couldn't tell what the hell was going on.

Anyway, although the environs were a bit more cramped than I would have liked, I got a lot of interest in the painting; a lot of commentary; a lot of "No, I can't" demurrals--clearly a function of the influence Ms. Wintour wields in the industry. One guy from Vogue came up to me and said, "Anna is not going to like this."

Me? My theory is, how could she not like it? I mean, I gave her a lovely look in the eyes and the commentary to date is largely positive. I mean, there are a lot of positive things to say about the woman.

Anyway, this concerns me only in indirect ways (like that whole "You'll never eat lunch in this town again" kind of a thing). I don't think I typically eat lunch with the kind of person to whom Anna Wintour would say, "I don't want you eating lunch with that man." Maybe I should get out more.

Demurrals, by the way, is the word of the day. It's what we call the things they paint on the walls of the big libraries in Brooklyn. There are also some in the subways.


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