Thursday, September 04, 2008

I like a long annotation

Me? I like a long annotation. You can find this one on the middle of the painting, on the left side, running down the edge. The annotator was a female Democrat, and she starts with the words "Your zeal for war terrifies me. Your attempts to patronize infuriate me..."

Then she runs out of space, so she draws a line down to the next available white part, says a bit more, draws another line, says a bit more, draws another line and says a little bit more, then draws one more long line down to her concluding comment. Her last sentence, stretched over two sections, reads: "If you truly believe that GWB was right 90% of the time, that's reason enough to do anything in my power to keep you from winning."

At the end she turns to me and says, "I could have written more, but I ran out of space."

Wow. This is why I play this particular game. What genuinely excites me is that, unlike the Obama painting, where comments tended to be short and sweet, people are really pouring themselves on this canvas. I define a long annotation as ten words or more. "The Annotated McCain" has more long annotations than anything I've ever done.

And I get to watch the whole thing. I'm like Huck fucking Finn with that painting-the-white-picket-fence-thing (unless that was Tom Sawyer).

The painter watching someone paint my painting.

I think this is my favorite thing in the world. Well, maybe not favorite, but top ten, easy.


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