Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain on eBay

I will be on Wall Street today, standing behind 85 Broad St.--one of my usual exhibition spots--with my McCain painting. It is, as we speak, available on eBay with a starting bid of $3,500. Bidding ends Saturday morning at 10 am, EST.

At the same time, I have relisted my Obama painting. The auction details are the same as above.

As an experiment I tried "priming the pump" by taking Big Mac to the Peter McManus Cafe. Which was fine except everybody there appears to be a Democrat. Go figure. And now, with all that blue writing on it, I worry that the Republicans will be scared away.

The expection, as I may have mentioned, was that Big Barack would be primarily blue (and black), while Big Mac would be primarily red.

We'll see. The blue comments from last night are, in a word, scathing. And, strangely enough, two of the five or so Republican comments involved something nasty about Sarah Palin. One read "Redneck from Alaska!" and the other went something like "The VP belongs in a double-wide, not the White House."

Let the spectacle begin.


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