Sunday, August 31, 2008

USC 52-UVA 7 ... oy gevalt!

We're back. Me and my double chin--we're back. Back in Brooklyn. Back in action. Back in the saddle.

Shots of Big John McCain as rendered by the flinging of paint from the end of a stick will be available tomorrow.

As far as where we were? A bloodbath. We were at a bloodbath. If they replaced a regularly scheduled bullfight with this football game, the Spanish would be crying about how football should be banned. Inhuman, they'd cry. Inhumanos! ¿Qué hay de malo con los americanos?

I am referring, of course, to the 52-7 (I think that was the final score) asswhipping that USC laid on my beloved University of Virginia Cavaliers.

And the weather? Well, first I thought the USC fan in front of me was going to have a heat stroke. Then I thought I was. Daughter Meaghan left and didn't come back for half an hour (although she tells me she spent the whole time in line to buy Cokes). My guess is she was sleeping under a tree.

I'm still hot.


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