Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick look at Barack

I would have spent more time painting Barack but I had to get back home and count my houses.

Obviously, it would help if this fucking blog program would hold the rotated image. But still, there it is. Try leaning the top of your head towards your left shoulder.

Or better yet, take a look at this:

The mouth is interesting. You know, the man has purple lips? I mean, in real life. On the painting, it's hard to say just what color they are. But I'm sanguine, whatever that means.

And the good news? Well, the good news is twofold: First, I'm way--I mean WAY--ahead of schedule in terms of having a workable image at this stage of the game. Second, because I am in such good shape, I'll spare you all the sturm und drang; all the whining and self-loathing that I typically impose on you when things are going badly. All the "oh my-ing" and "what the fuck am I going to do-ing" that I know you are sick of? You get none of it.
Now THAT sounds like some good news.
I told you.
But manoman, you didn't do the dude any favors with those ears.
Hey, I just report the news.
I love that line from the Eagles song about the million stars.
Remind me.
It goes: "I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight, with a million stars all around."
By the word "you," I'm assuming you don't mean me.
No. That would be against union rules.
Yes it would.
Yes it would.
Me? I got a peaceful easy feeling.
I think the Eagles take way too much shit. Sue me, but I still love 'em.
I do too.
When I was in Nam we did way more drugs than the Eagles, and we all had guns and big fucking knives.
You were in Vietnam?
Of course. The whole gang was there. Can you think of a place that needed a Greek Chorus more than that hellhole?
Quang Tri.
Quang Tri? That's what they used to yell at us at night. "Quang Tri go home."
That's not it, man. They were saying "Yankee!"
How so?
Like in "Yankee go home."
What's your opening annotation gonna be on The Annotated Barack?
I'm going with: "Richard Nixon had more experience than John Kennedy."
Man, you have drunk the Kool-Aid.
Yes I have. Totally. Plus the jell-o shots.


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