Saturday, August 16, 2008

My blood is boilink

There's an annotation along the left side of Jimmy Cayne's face that reads "My blood is boiling." But the way the author inscribed the G makes it look like a K, hence the title of this post.

That said, I finally picked up a copy of Fortune Magazine today and saw the photo of "The Annotated Bear." As noted above, my blood is boilink. I mean, how hard is it for a magazine with the editorial resources of Fortune to get my name right? They think my first name is Gregory. For the record, it was spelled correctly in the caption provided by Getty Images for the photo they used.

I'm not actually the least bit thin skinned when it comes to stuff like this. I mean, somebody commented on an early Dealbreaker story that I should consider painting Elvis on velvet full-time. CNN once reported that I would be exhibiting my Spitzer painting outside room 871 of the Mayflower Hotel--something their writer just grabbed off a financial blog without bothering to check. Truth be told, neither bothered me as much as this one does.

I don't want to complain. Lord knows the media does more right by me than wrong. And anyone who is covered by the media on a regular basis has to make peace pretty quickly with some combination of blazing ineptitude and the flawed results of decent people being pushed to produce a product at too a high rate of speed.

But there's an old line in the publicity business that goes something like "say what you want, but spell my name right."

So my blood is boilink.


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