Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And Just for the Record...

Just for the record, here is a shot of all four annotated paintings as currently hung in Andes.

If you look closely, you can see in the lower left corner, sitting on the desk, posters of the show that I was autographing and which were then sold to support a charity related to the local high school (25 bucks for a poster; $5 for a post card). Honestly, how lovely is that?

Now, in a perfect world, one has a show in a big white box someplace in the heart of Chelsea. But this is Andes and the venue is called Andes Arts & Antiques and so while the walls are ours, the center of the room continues to function as an antique store.

And, truth be told, Merna (my dealer) did a wonderful job of clearing out most of the stuff she usually has in that room and the place turned out to be a really nice space in which to look at my paintings. Even the standing lamps (which is not the way they light paintings in Chelsea) worked nicely.

And, at times, the place was packed. This is me, holding forth on the relative merits of "The Annotated Spitzer," fingers, as always, somewhat gnarled:

What's also fun about this picture is that if you look over my right shoulder (image left), you can see my self-portrait hanging along the back wall.

This is a view of the entire "Wall Street" wall, plus the buffet.

This is me trying to sell a Close painting to a guy who remains, I believe, interested. I am holding what I believe to be the remnants of a watermelon cosmopolitan. Please forgive me for this.

Also in the picture is Merna Popper, my dealer and a source of great support. Merna and I had our differences in the run-up to the show (but isn't that the way with any complicated project?), but we have emerged good buddies.

Also note the stuffed beaver in the foreground. Were I to set reasonable expectations at this point, it would be to sell three paintings and somehow get the hell out of Dodge with that beaver in the trunk of my car.

This is a bird on the side of the road, just to show you that the country is a wild and beautiful thing, no cell-phone service notwithstanding.


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