Friday, September 05, 2008

A preview of the first debate...

Here, for the first time, are "The Annotated Obama" and "The Annotated McCain" hanging side-by-side in my studio.  Double-click for the screen-filling splendor of it all.  You will be able to read every nasty, filthy, biased, demeaning, polarizing, objectivising thing.

Now that you are done reading, imagine how much fun it would be to have one or both of these guys on your very own wall.  I can tell you from experience that it is just, simply wonderful.

If you are coming here from either of the paintings' sites on eBay, you can get to the other one by searching for "Portrait of John McCain (or) Barack Obama".

If you are of a mind to see them in person; perhaps scrawl something on them, I'll be behind 85 Broad Street for most of today.  

If you are of a mind to buy them, remember that bidding closes for each at 10 am tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  And, even though they are on eBay, were you to walk up to me and make me an offer I couldn't refuse, I wouldn't refuse it.

And, although they  are for sale separately, it's hard to imagine breaking them up.  They're like Lindsay Lohan in "The Parent Trap" absent all the post-facto baggage.

And this, in closing, is me and the boys.  Just so you have a sense of scale.


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