Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Final Day...

The final day, for intents and purposes, was rained out. I had a couple of annotations (done in blue, just for a change of pace), mostly from a group of women who were wearing "Save the Garment Center" t-shirts. One person wrote "Wow, nice painting." Which was nice.

When all was said and done, I collected between 150 and 200 annotations, the vast majority of which were positive.

This is it:

Note: disregard the fact that the painting appears somewhat trapazoidal in the picture. Shooting hand-held with a small digital camera, it is sometimes difficult to get all the angles just so. If you study the area around the painting, you can tell that I just propped it on a black sofa against a mustard-colored wall. I assure you it is as square as Beaver Cleaver.

And besides, the point of the thing is the writing. And that's pretty clear.


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