Thursday, September 11, 2008

Girl with the Far Away Eyes/Day Two Begins

Day Two begins.

With luck (meaning if I get another mitzvah from the security guard who initially told me I had to take the painting across the street), I'll be again standing on the S.E. corner of 41st and 6th, more or less just south of the main entrance to the park.

My guess is that I'll be the only guy on 41st and 6th with a big painting of Anna Wintour. Nonetheless, if you need to find me, you can call 917 693 9936.

Regarding the painting itself, I'm of two schools. First, I painted it quickly (which is not a bad thing, just a reality) and I might have made some other choices were Fashion Week not barreling down on me. That said, as with all the annotated paintings, the image is really a vehicle for the commentary. So I'm happy with where we stand.

Second, I do very much like the way her eyes turned out. One of my favorite songs is the Rolling Stones' "Girl with the Far Away Eyes," and this would be that--kind of a dreamy gaze from a hundred miles away; her thinking, perhaps, something like, "Manomanoman, if Men's Vogue wasn't stinking up the joint, life would be reeeeeally good."

Something like that.


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