Thursday, September 18, 2008

The fanbase weighs in...

This from a new, I'm assuming, fan:
Hey there gvraymond!
Just a quick note to say that YOU FUCKING ROCK.
Innovative art with a punk rock twist.
You are a true catalyst.
Do a portrait of the president!!
I would love to write on that one........
Peace and love
This from another:
I love your work!!

When are you going to do the "Annotated Palin" / "Annotated Hockey Mom" / "Annotated Lipstick Pitbull"?

I live on the west coast but would gladly fly across the country to leave a few choice "comments" for Sarah.
This from a third:
Mr. Raymond,

Have you considered a portrait of Detroit’s soon-to-be-ex-mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick? Check out, if you’re unfamiliar with his somewhat interesting story, it’s at least on a par with former Gov. Spitzer’s. I can pretty much guarantee there’s some folks in Detroit and its suburbs who’ll be happy to annotate THAT portrait for you!
And this too:
I love your recent work with some of Wall Street's and our government's corporate criminals and clowns. Your inclusion of public commentary is brilliant and adds a definitive edge of social conscience and satire.

I'm afraid you'll have many more opportunities for subjects for this series in the coming years - but please, paint them all!!! I hope you can profit off of their demise as they have all reaped obscene wealth at the cost of so many others.

Unfortunately, I'm not wealthy enough to support your work directly by purchasing it. Perhaps someday in the future I can buy a serigraph or two of my favorites and hang them next to my collection of framed worthless stock certificates that I accumulated in over 20 years of working with jerks cut from the same bolt of cloth as those you paint.

Keep up the good work!
This from a friend:

Times couldn't be better. Total economic collapse and redistribution of said wealth to you! Congrats on selling your paintings - keep up the greatness.
And this from the host of a radio station in Canada. I just got off the phone with him after five minutes of chatting:
[A quick thanks for] taking the time. A great tale and well told...!! Gotta love it when someone can take a powerful poke at the those who consider themselves above it all, laughing all the way to the bank, as they walk past those who wish they had need for a bank account.... anywhere.

We're putting a link on our site, ..... to yours, one of thousands I'm sure who have been caught up in your art, and your unique form of social comment. As I said, $10,000 today.... in the true nature of art, and its ability to mark moments in history.... you'll sell for millions, years from now... after we've all headed off on our final celestial journey. Your mention of Pollock struck a familiar note.... but clearly, you ARE an original.

Hopefully we have a chance to connect again.... like the way you position things, and the notes that are posted on your paintings give you a sense of the pulse of America.

That would seem to be all for now.
Man, you really think you are the cat's fucking meow.
Hey, I'm just passing on the comments
Cherry picking the good ones, more likely
No. Nobody, other than the guy who wanted to beat me up, has said anything nasty at all.
Not like that Dealbreaker commentor who suggested Elvis paintings on velvet?
No, nothing like that.
Well, your head's still getting big.
It's not my head, it's my double chin.
Yeah, I saw that video. I thought a Rottweiler had attached itself to your throat.
Yeah. I've got to lay off the potato chips.
You might want to give those pints of beer at the Peter McManus Cafe a rest too.
Let me think about that one.
Please. Do.


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