Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Final Fuld

This is the final version of "The Annotated Fuld."

Just as a reminder, I spent Monday and Tuesday outside Lehman Bros. HQ. During those sessions I asked people if they worked (or used to work) for LEH. If they said yes, they got a green pen. No--they got a black one.

Today I went down to Wall Street and collected a few more. This time everybody got a blue pen.

Most heart-wrenching annotation? See "Check/W" below:

This is a detail taken from the lower right corner of the painting. All that black is Fuld's shoulder. The annotator was a little boy, perhaps three years of age, who could barely grab the sharpie. At first I gave him a black marker, but his mother gently asked if he could use a green one--explaining that his father worked at Lehman Brothers.

Oy. Talk amongst yourselves. I'm completely verklempt.

There are also perhaps six or eight annotations that end with an asterisk. This represents what I call my risk-free annotation service. You whisper what you want written on the painting. I wait until you are a safe distance away and then write it down for you, followed by an asterisk.

My favorite one of these goes: "The girls at Hawaiian Tropic are gonna miss your money." It can be found hugging the curve of the top of his head, from sort of 11 o'clock to 12, presumably the way the girls at Hawaiian Tropic used to hug Mr. Fuld's head.

Lordy! Is that place a strip club?


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Amazing work :-)

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