Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shit! I'm losing my hair

Photographer Ray Brizzi shot me and The Annotated Fuld for a magazine called On Wall Street and passed this image along.

Nice shot. Taken at one of my favorite exhibition spots--the plaza behind Goldman Sachs.
That sounds like the title to a broadway play--"The Plaza behind Goldman Sachs."
You're thinking about something else. Like "The Light in the Fountain."
Is that it? I thought there was something about a plaza.

I don't think so.

I know what show you're thinking about.

You do?

Yup. "Hair."
Ha. In his note, Ray suggested that he liked the three-way dynamic of the guys standing in front of the photo. Me? All I can focus on is how my hair is thinning out around my crown. I'm gonna have to start combing it over like that ass, Trump.

Those sneakers look a little long in the tooth too. I think I might buy a pair of those Nikes that have the little piston shock absorbers in the back.


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