Monday, December 15, 2008

As we work our way down the face of the painting...

Well, perhaps I spoke too soon with all that negativity about "Waitress #5 (torso)." Completed, as evidenced below, are Squares 13-16.

And I'm kind of liking it.

But more importantly, take a look at the bottom row, still a work in progress:

Note the fingers on Square 20--a new development. I mean, everybody should have a few fingers (although if you follow that argument too scrupulously you can come up with the notion that everybody should have head too, and Waitress #5 is definitely headless).

Anyway, I'm liking the fingers and I'm wrestling with what to do with the other hand. I spent a lot of time this evening staring at the painting on the easel, just as you see it above, listening to music and reflecting on fingers (in lieu of starting in on Bernie Madoff). I must admit the whole experience would have been enhanced with a couple of fingers of unblended Scotch, but hey, you do what you do.

Me? I'm sanguine.


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