Saturday, December 13, 2008

The power of positve thinking

The strategy is as follows:

We white out squares 13 through 20. We then rethink the top arm with more yellow and the bottom arm with more red--like the color of the thighs you see below.

The thighs then become more yellow, or at least yellow blending into a kind of rose color.

That's the theory. Unfortunately, this is what we currently have:

I know you people love the behind the scenes stuff. So here's the back of "Waitress #5."

The biggest mistake you can make, once everything is masked off, is confusing which end of the painting is the top and which end is the bottom. Putting an arrow on the back solves a number of problems in this regard.

Plus, metaphorically, it's like a big thumbs up. It's a symbolic statement of optimism. The glass, you see, is half full. Everything will be all right. Stuff like that. It's about thinking positive thoughts.

I like to tell my children to think positive thoughts. But what, really, are the chances of this ending well? Me--I'm thinking very low. Me? I'm not thinking positive thoughts. Which makes me a hypocrite, I suppose. I hope my children don't read this.


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