Saturday, December 06, 2008

They're taking my boys away, Volume 2

This, for the record, is them taking my boys away. This is them packing up and taking away the spawn of my metaphorical loins:

Bolts from the head of Zeus himself made mortal by two guys with a truck and some packing materials. Oy.

Big Hank is already wrapped and ready to go. Big Ben, as you can perhaps tell from the reflective sheen, has been sheathed in tight plastic wrap. The guy on the right is getting ready to, as they say around Christmas, wrap him in swaddling clothes. Or, more accurately in this case, bubble wrap. They seem like nice men.

Good bye. Be good. Don't let anybody tell you you are not an important painting. Remember everything I taught you. Listen to Bob Dylan once a day. Don't eat the brown acid.


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