Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahhh, Thanksgiving, Volume 2

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving.

I'm going to the Peter McManus Cafe today to watch the New York Giants play some collection of like-minded souls. For this I give thanks.
What do you mean by "this?"
Well, I guess I like the idea of standing in a bar, surrounded by friends, watching football.
And I suppose one could give thanks more specifically for the general excellence of the Giants.
Yes, I suppose you could.
I mean, watching the Giants over the last 12 months must have been a bit like being a Lakers fan during the Magic days, or the Suns with Steve Nash, or the New Jersey Nets, if you can believe it, during that time when Jason Kidd stopped beating his wife and started passing the ball to Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin.
I know what you're going to say next.
You do?
Does it have something to do with watching Keith Hernandez bat for the Mets?
And play first base too?
It was a great privilege, wasn't it?
Yes it was.
You sound slightly ambivalent.
You can tell that just from reading?
Yes. Is there something wrong?
My quibble is this: That famous Laker team was a bit too star-stuffed to be analogous to the the current state of the Giants.
Fair enough.


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