Monday, November 17, 2008

The Paintings are getting expensive--Volume 2

The paintings are getting expensive. I just set a new high by selling "The Screaming Pope" to an anonymous buyer in DC for 25,000 clams. Which would be the equivalent of 50,000 valves, assuming that clams are bivalves. Or 16,824 pounds sterling. Stirling?

All that said, you can commission your own painting for $1,800. See the post directly below this one.
Do you think "painting" is the right word in this particular situation?
What do you mean?
You said "commission your own painting." Is it a painting?
Perhaps you are right. I mean, the idea is to generate smaller annotated works...
Works! I like that better.
...Smaller annotated works on paper. Probably twenty-four by thirty.
Pounds sterling?
And instead of painting, they'll probably be some combination of pen and ink, dripped ink and some paint shmooed around.
Wow. That'll work?
And who annotates them?
Me. My friends submit comments. I get stuff from the Commentariat.
I'll never forget him winning that race by 31 lengths.
That was Secretariat.
Anyway, in the end you get an annotated Paulson, or Bernanke, or McCain--whoever you want me to paint, so to speak--for $1800 bucks.
3600 valves.
Exactly. A genuine annotated Raymond for 3600 valves.


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