Monday, November 10, 2008

The Today Show

...just ran the loveliest piece about me. Thanks to all involved. And when Ann, later on the couch, said she thought I was a very talented artist... well, my heart soared like an eagle. I almost spilled my breakfast (Cheerios, sliced banana, 1% milk--@ $.80).

No let's sell some paintings:

If you find yourself visiting The Year of Magical Painting for the first time, let me first offer my heartfelt apologies. Particularly if you start scrounging around in dark corners of the damned thing. It's a vile, nasty product of a troubled mind.

If, however, you just saw The Today Show piece or read about me someplace or other and are interested what might be available for sale, there is actually quite a lot available. The fact of the matter is that my production during the late summer and fall has been extremely high. There's a lot in inventory:

The Annotated Obama (Annotated during the Democratic National Convention)
The Annotated McCain (Annotated during the RNC)
The Annotated AIG (Hank Greenberg)
The Annotated Fed (Ben Bernanke)
The Screaming Pope (Henry Paulson)
The Fallen Prince (Alan Greenspan)
The Annotated Palin

I'm also have a matched second Obama/McCain set done just prior to election day.

Other than The Screaming Pope and the Palin painting, they go for $18,000. You can probably beat me down on price, or pay for them over 3-5 months, but you can't do both.

The Pope, because it is my favorite painting, goes for $25,000. Palin, for the opposite reason, goes for $10,000 (although it's actually a pretty cool painting).

If you click on the August/September/October archives (in the right column), you can find hi-res photos of all these paintings. You might also be able to put the name of the painting in the search box.

Should you like to speak, send me an email at

Thank you for the interest.


Blogger nickelcitygirls said...

Beautiful, brilliant work!

I have long loved portrait and often put lyrics or words into my own paintings (nothing on the scale of what you do)...but I am so impressed by both your paintings and the way that you give people a chance to speak their mind!

Thank you for what you do!!

1:43 PM  

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