Monday, November 03, 2008

I'd post my Obama/McCain paintings but...

Finished "The Annotated Obama 2" and twinned McCain yesterday. Spent yesterday evening and this morning transcribing annotations from the thousands of email submissions I was lucky enough to receive. I also took the liberty of peeling appropriate annotations off previous paintings to help flesh things out.

Then the photographer from Metro came by. We shot some stuff in the studio. Me looking intellectual. Or professorial. Something. Anyway, then we rolled up both paintings and headed to the corner of 4th Ave and 9th St. here in scenic Park Slope. We restretched them in front of a church and took enough annotations to satisfy the photog, at which point a nun showed up and told us to get the hell away from the front of her church.

She wasn't dressed like a nun, the record should show, but years of Catholicism has enabled me to recognize them sans habit.

We left without any fuss. One must always obey the nuns.

As far as the images? I'd show them to you but I am contractually bound (not actually, I guess, but still, it's the right thing to do) not to release any images until the Election Day issues of Metro NY (and Boston and Philly, and possibly internationally) hit the stands.

So until then, use your imagination.


Blogger Tree said...

Thousands? Really?
Congratulations. Good luck. Etc...

4:01 PM  

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