Friday, October 31, 2008

For Comparison Sake:

Here, for comparison sake (or is it "comparison's sake"?), is a shot of Big Alan, a painting annotated by Sharpie, juxtaposed with Big Satan ... er, excuse me, Big Sarah, annotated, as we know, with Magic Markers.

Me? Earler I was looking at them side-by-side in the studio. There is a neatness, an almost mathematical preciseness to the Greenspan annotations that the clunkier Palin comments just don't have. Spiderweb-like. Very compelling. Better product--one man's opinion.

Still, what's the fun of painting B.O. and Johnny Boy for a newspaper cover if, in the end, you can't read the annotations that you, dear readers, are (I am happy to report after some earlier unpleasantness) churning out like Shakers and rocking-chairs?

So I'm probably going to go with the markers.

Also, it should be noted that I will be inscribing the electronically submitted annotations myself and this, given my delicate hand with a writing instrument, should help a bit.


Blogger Tree said...

color markers on the greenspan work would've been too distracting. The black matches perfectly with the somber face.
Color works really well with Sarah Palin, it adds to the carnival-like stupidity of her nature. I don't think either one would have as much power to them if this was reversed.

5:37 PM  

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