Friday, November 21, 2008

The Screaming Pope, Volume 2

This is another screaming pope from Bacon:

It's actually a bit more my style, at least structurally. I mean, you could white out the little bit of background behind his head and shoulders, call it "The Annotated Paulson" and take it onto Wall Street today. Except that it's 35 degrees out, so call it 30 on Wall Street 'cause its always colder there. You try standing in 30 degree weather handing out markers for three hours.

Anyway, the question comes up during a recent negotiation about my plans to paint additional pictures of, say, Henry Paulson. Even, further to the point, my inclination to title them "The Screaming Pope."

The answer is that I wouldn't. Title them "The Screaming Pope" that is. I'm certainly going to repaint some of these guys, and I'm certainly going to get those paintings annotated. But the point of the exercise is that once a painting is "closed" for annotations, that's it. It exists in its own little historical bubble. And to reinforce the notion, I'll call the next one "The Screaming Pope 2."
Just for clarity.
You've already set the precedent with your McCain One and Two and your Obama One and Two.
And they, both visually and content wise, couldn't be more different paintings.
Nicely said.
I can't wait for your third Obama.
Me neither. But it's a ways away.
I'll remain calm, then.
The buyer of Pope 1 has asked me to provide a letter of provenance to confirm that it was this painting that stood outside the NYSE at such and such a day, etc. I am happy to do so.


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