Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Suge Knight indicted again

Do you listen to a lot of rap music? I don't, really, although I think rappers would be an excellent potential customer group. "The Annotated Snoop?" "Kanye write something on my painting?" When I was stuck in Leesburg I used to watch "106th and Park" a lot. Which was unbelievable, in the most common usage of that word.

Anyway, if you do listen to the stuff, or follow it in the newspapers (which, back when everybody was shooting everybody else, was pretty interesting), the name Suge Knight invariably pops up. Here's a shot (honk!) of Suge:

My question is this: How do you pronounce his first name? Not Marion, obviously, but Suge. I always assumed it was like shoog, phonetically short for sugar. But then I heard somebody pronounce it soog. So I'm wondering.

Please offer a comment if you know the answer.


Blogger Murdup said...

Hi. "Suge" is pronounced "Sooge"

3:23 PM  

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