Friday, November 21, 2008

Two developments

Two pleasing developments:

First, somebody emails me asking: "Could you do a portrait of my wife?" This is a notion I dearly love for several reasons:

a) I love doing commissions of regular people
b) I'm so sick of painting wrinkled old men, manomanoman you don't know
c) It fits nicely into my strategy of reinterpreting Andy Warhol's career model to suite my own devices.

Who wouldn't want a six by five portrait of a loved one that looks like this?

(Hey Michelle, haven't talked to you in like a year. Hope you are well.)

The second nice thing is that a couple are coming by the studio with the express purpose of staring at my Obama paintings. In the heat of the Wall Street uproar of the last six months I feel like my political stuff has been unjustly overlooked. I honestly think that the four Obama/McCain paintings are outstanding (McCain 1 and Obama 2 being my two favorites); everything I try to do with my Wall Street work panned out nicely with these four as well. Palin, lets be honest, is a lesser work, although it has its appeal.

I'm thinking about painting a third Obama to complete the series (convention/election/inauguration). Some talk about something happening in DC regarding one or more of these paintings but it is premature to mention beyond what I just mentioned.

Anyway, in a perfect world, the couple coming to the studio today would buy one of the matched O/M sets. I have my doubts--I think they are just thinking Big Barack--but we'll see.

Also, on a separate note, it appears I'll be on 20/20 near the end of the year. They're coming to the studio over the next couple of weeks to shoot me painting Vikram Pandit. I hope Vic is still around by the time the piece airs.

This means to you, dear reader, that you should buy the paintings now. Because post 20/20 the damned things are bumping up from typically $18,000 to typically $25,000. I see Pandit and Greenspan in the low thirties. Email me now to lock in 2008 prices and sidestep this increase.


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