Thursday, December 04, 2008

The subs at Pollio's

A quick note about the half tuna/half egg salad sub from Pollio's that I referenced a couple of posts back:

They do not mix the tuna and egg salad. Jeeze, what a lousy idea that would be. No--they put egg salad on one half (the word "half" here references a longitudinal measurement, not a latitudinal one. Or vice-versa) and tuna on the other. Then they put the tomato, onion and lettuce across the top, close the sandwich (as if it were a coffin, if you can envision), and wrap it in that white paper delis use to wrap sandwiches.

The key is this: When you get home, you pull the still wrapped sandwiches apart, still unaware as to which one you are going to get. The most fun is to quickly put it in your mouth, perhaps with your eyes closed, although this can be risky if egg salad is going everywhere, before you have time to identify it by smell, and just let the experience wash over you.

It's like that first glug of beer. Nothing that follows tastes as good as the first long glug. Sharp, clean, cold--it smells like ... like ... victory!

And speaking of food, I'm on my way to Elmo (a place you might almost call "the scene of the crime", at least as it relates to the genesis of my current style) later to speak to someone about a painting. Love doing that.


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