Friday, January 23, 2009


Herewith the continuation of "Waitress #5 (Reclining)" -- if that's even what we're calling it -- for your viewing enjoyment:

Can you see it coming together?

I'm at an exciting moment with this painting because the first set of boxes is now complete. Stepping back for a moment, I'm not sure if it is clear, but W#5(R) is an obscured box painting--one whose boxes are exactly the width of the blue tape I've used to create the grid. This means no newspaper. Today, with the help of a friend, I'm gonna peel the entire tape grid off the surface of the painting and move the entire thing (intact, if God truly exists) up two inches. This will then obscure everything I've painted so far and open up a new set of untouched boxes to be addressed prior to having dinner with my daughter. The question of whether the tape will withstand this process is certainly near the top of my list of questions for today; likely falling just below "What does it all mean?" and above "I wonder if Pollio's has any egg salad today?"

Here's a close-up of the thing lying on the studio floor.

Reclining, if you will.


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