Saturday, January 24, 2009

W#5(R) continuing

Here, to recap, is where I think we left off with "Waitress #5 (Reclining)" ...

This is me peeling my grid of blue tape off the surface of the picture.

This is roughly how it turned out.

It is now obvious to me that I need to just retape the thing from scratch (not a particularly big deal at this size--12"x 24"--but implicatory, if that's even a word, of bad things coming for larger works).

This, however, is fun to look at:

And here it is, taped shut, if you will:

To paraphrase Vito Corleone: "Look how they messed with my tape..."

There is a rough mathematics at work here; the notion of two inch squares masked by tape that is two inches wide. But, because the assholes at 3M have decided to save some money with what they call "2" tape", they've actually begun constructing it with a 1.87" width. So you can see some of the paint from the original squares peeking out from behind the slightly-too-thin tape. Crikeys.

Anyway--press ahead. Keep the nose to the grindstone. Remain calm. Here we are with the second set of squares painted in:

And here, voila, is the 7th Inning Stretch. That is to say, what half the painting looks like.

I sometimes think it might be a giggle to just leave it like this. Implicatory, if you will.

I leave now to watch whatever movie that is with the James Bond guy who leads a Jewish resistance movement in Russia, maybe.


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