Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bernanke weighs in

Tell me if this happens to you: You have a certain amount of anxiety about a painting, then it turns out great, then you keep working at it and it just starts turning into a disaster?

This is "Ophelia's Left Breast" on a table in front of "Helicopter Ben":

Bernanke: What's with that blue stuff? I thought the painting was supposed to be mostly black.
Me: The blue dries clear. It's black underneath.

Bernanke: Really? I bet those bubbles are gonna cause you some trouble.
Me: Ya think?
Berrnanke: Yeah. Look closely...

Me: Omigod, I'm totally screwed.
Bernanke: You think you're screwed? You should try my job.
Me: Hey Ben--blow it out your ass.
All that said, I have this horrible feeling like I went too thick with the clear gel topcoat and now it's gonna get gray and spotty. And those bubbles? I can't even think about it.


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