Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If you get divorced, is the daughter of your ex-wife's sister still your niece?

For purposes of this post I'm going with yes.

All by way of saying, look at what my niece Natalie painted:

Can You Hear Me? -- Natalie Crane
Wow. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree does it?
Do you think describing the daughter of your ex-wife's sister as a metaphorical acorn is ... what's the phrase I'm looking for? ... is quality metaphoring?
Probably not. I mean, were it my daughter I think it would be more scientifically apt. Shared DNA and all that.
But I'm trying to be nice. Which in France, by the way, is pronounced like niece.
Wow. What's with that?
Dunno. But Matisse used to paint in Nice.
Wow. Are you saying there's a connection?
No. Just stating a fact. Although the rich oranges and blues in "Can You Hear Me?" remind me of early Matisse.
I might have said Derain.
I might have said the same thing, but I said Matisse. Check this one out:

OMFG!--it's the same freaking picture.
Not exactly, but I can see similarities.
Did she paint that one too?
No. Matisse did. It's either called "Woman with a hat" or "Hey Kyle." I can't remember.
Wow, that's pretty cool. What are you listening to?
Don't know it.
Supermodel Kate Moss's drug-addled, on-again-off-again boyfriend Pete Doherty is the lead guitar player. The Kinks meet The Clash kind of a thing?
Wow. I love how the orange in the lower left hand corner of the Matisse painting matches this red lettering almost perfectly.


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