Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Who doesn't like bacon?

Here's somebody checking out the new Francis Bacon show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

What I like about the Met is that you can still pay what you like, as opposed to the fifteen or so bucks they want you to. I once went to see something with an out-of-town guest. After waiting a couple of minutes, it was our turn to pay.
"Two please," I said to the guy, handing him a dollar.
"Do you want change?" he asked, glancing at his nearest colleague.
This, I must tell you, made me laugh out loud. If you're the money-taking guy at the Met, a little good clean fun should be encouraged.

For you keeping score at home, as I see it, post-1975, it's Bacon, Freud, Close and me.

This is my painting of Chuck Close with the nose painted Bacon-style:


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