Monday, May 18, 2009

Maggie Thatcher

I've been invited, if that's the right word, to paint (for a significant reduction in my usual asking price but still a sum roughly [redacted] times the amount I paid for my first car) former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ...

She of the bullet-proof hair.

And although I shudder at the thought of painting her coif (close readers will understand that the portion of a given subject I render least well is straight, carefully-styled hair--thus my penchant for painting bald men), I do love this picture.

Further adding to the delightful piquancy of the matter is the request that the portrait be executed using the Obscured Box Technique (TM). The request was made after reviewing "The Warren Commission 2" ...

The idea is that a collector of mine is going to pay me for the painting and he is then going to donate it to a charitable organization in England. I'll say no more for now, given the fluidity of the situation, other than to to offer an excerpt from one of several recent correspondences:
[Redacted] suggested inviting the artist over for a presentation and organizing the press and also doing a dinner/tea in the State Apartments with Lady Thatcher and [redacted]
Really, the mind reels.

Quick list of items:
--Buy new suit
--Get passport
--Additional items TBD

The prediction on this end? No way this ever pans out. I am not a good enough person to receive such a mitzvah. If that's the right word.

But I do love that photo. I love the visionary gaze.


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