Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Man, what's with that shaking?

I apologize again for the shakiness of the otherwise profoundly stimulating "A Walking Tour of 'Helicopter Ben'". Hey, shit happens.

I live on 16th Street in Brooklyn, just south of fashionable Park Slope, in what is called, by everybody other than real estate agents, the South Slope. Real estate agents call it Park Slope. By and large, they cannot be trusted. A bunch of bizarros occupy the building just uphill from mine and every weekend, weather permitting, they barbeque in the front yard and hold a bric-a-brac sale. The urge to sometimes shout "Shut the fuck up. I'm trying to watch 'Gossip Girl'" out the window is palpable.

Still, I went down the other day and bought a monopod. You can see the head of the thing, with its mounting screw, here:

A monopod is like a tripod except that it just has one (extendable) leg. FYI, the word itself is derived from the Latin monopod, meaning "an unstable thing onto which one can mount a camera." The idea is that by mounting the Flip on the monopod I will, by dint of the laws of physics related to mass, enertia and the movement of objects through space, dramatically reduce the shakiness you experienced in "A Walking Tour of 'Helicopter Ben'."

We'll see. Right now, because my windows are quite tall, I use the monopod to open and close the curtain in my bedroom.

The picture above certainly falls under the good clean fun category. I call it "Self Portrait with Monopod." In it you can see me taking the picture in the mirror; sections of "The Fallen Prince" and "Close, But Not Quite"--one of my Chuck Close portraits; and a painting by a painting buddy of mine named Marilee Scott called "Woman."


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