Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revisiting old friends

I spent a bit of Friday being followed around by a documentary crew from Canal Plus, a French television network (if network is the right word), doing an hour-long piece on the what one might call the Madoff/Lehman confluence (if, in fact, there is a confluence. Seems like apples and oranges to me).

They interviewed me in my studio, then followed me out onto the street to get shots of people annotating Helicopter Ben. When that was done, we took a cab uptown (you try putting these paintings in a cab) and stopped into the apartment of the guy who bought "The Annotated Fuld." The doorman let us in and then left us alone to do our own thing--that being to shoot me reminiscing about standing in front of Lehman Bros. with my painting of Richard Fuld during the week of the long knives.

It's always a grin to see these things hanging in somebody else's house. That is to say, as opposed to my own.

There's video to come, but I'm having trouble synching the sound.


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