Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to basics

I've been in an unbelievable rut, so I thought I'd recharge the batteries with a nude. This is today's work:

Interesting the thought of stopping after image 3 (with 25% of the squares left white). I mean, you could goober on a ton of gloss gel and it would absolutely glow. And there's that whole thing about how if you write a sentence with no vowels everybody can still completely understand it. Lkws tht whl bsnss abt th wy th mnd lstns t msc.

Anyway, I didn't stop there. I did this...

And then this ...

And now I'm done for the day.

For you obsessives, we are utilizing the modified obscured box technique here. The acronym--MOBT--is pronounced in conversation as MobTee.

And I can tell you, it felt better painting today than it has in a week. Now, batteries recharged, I'm thinking about Pedro Espada, perhaps done as "Red Espada" in the style of "Red Geithner."

'Cept I'd let people write stuff. Because really, how could you not?

Something like this, but, of course, in red and black against a white background with the title scrawled across the top ...

I'm not sure this is a good idea. It's certainly doing Geithner an injustice to be lumped into any category with Pedro Espada. But it's my idea and I'm trying to be nice to it. If you're mean to your ideas sometimes they don't come back. And then, at least in my line of work, you're completely screwed.

And besides, how many people--even New Yorkers--do you think would, unprompted, recognize Pedro Espada. That's why we write his name across the top of the painting.

Anyway, "Dancer #3 (Reclining--Chelsea Hotel)" looks, as a work in progress, great.


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