Friday, July 10, 2009

The fanbase offers some perspective

Ah, the fans. Those unwashed wretches do, on occasion, cough up something worth sharing.

This from my boy Tee:
"The blog needs work. Time to go back to the basics. Also, you need to paint more naked chicks.".
Nicely said, T. Is the implication here that "basics" means painting nude women? If so, I'll start looking for some as soon as I can. What I like about The Year of Magical Painting is that so many people get so many things from it.

Moving on, this comes from some asshole who commented on Clusterstock:
The original photo can be found here:

He traced a well-known photograph and then colored it in. Can you stay inside the lines? I knew you could. Oh, but it's supposed to be conceptual? Well, isn't that nice.

Sometimes, art is just another form of fiat currency.
Hey. Fuck you. You think he's gonna sit down for a photo shoot with me? Besides, it's conceptual.

Actually it's not conceptual. It is what it is: a painting of a guy about whom people have stuff to say. Plus the stuff. Written on it. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

That said, another Clusterstock reader suggested:
zero staying power... his work might sell well initially as a novelty, but what art collector will know who John Thain or Lloyd Blankfein is in 50 years or even 5 years? would you want a pic of Ronald Perelman or Steve Wynn or Ivan Boesky on your wall?
Now this, dear reader, is a fair question. Me? I like to think the guy's wrong. Yes I do. Time, as they say, will tell.


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