Sunday, July 05, 2009

Items currently for sale

I thought it might also be helpful for you to get a general sense of current inventory:

"Big Lloyd 3 (The Root)"--Awaiting annotation. $30,000 (Also available as poster)

"Red Geithner"--$25,000 (also available as poster, but really--c'mon. Buy the goddam thing)

The Annotated Murdoch-- $35,000. I am selling this on behalf of the owner. If you believe (and you are welcome not to--I sometimes wake up with the cold sweats thinking the same thing) that these paintings are unique depictions of historical moments and that they will only increase in value, then this is the FIRST painting I ever had annotated. It is the mother ship, my friend. And if you think like a collector, this is a cool one to have.

"The American Investor" -- $25,000

"The Fallen Prince" -- $55,000. Featured on the Today Show, 20/20 and in The New York Times. This is the best one of all. Period. It's hanging in my living room.

"The Enumerated Thain" -- $7,500. The pricing on this is significantly lower than the others because it's so small. Measures 2 by 2 1/2 feet.


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