Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And a birthday sale...

I am offering my most popular images as signed, limited-edition prints. They include, but are not limited to the images you see below. If you buy one now, on this very day, September 30th, my 56th birthday, I'll take 20% off the purchase price.

Blue Paulson (note--the annotations on this painting are not yet complete)

The Reexamined Fuld (note--the annotations on this painting are not yet complete)

Red Geithner

The Fallen Prince

The American Investor

The Annotated Fuld

The Screaming Pope

The Annotated Fed

They measure 24" x 32" and look like this, in the flesh (size 12, paint-speckled Topsider added for scale):

If you have a favorite work of mine not shown above, email me and I'll see if it's available as a print. Each numbered print is available for $250 (except for today) and is signed by me.

I take orders via PayPal. Email me and I'll give you the appropriate details.

If the economy is getting you down, you can also order unsigned versions of the same prints for $100.


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