Saturday, January 09, 2010

Green being my favorite color

Remember how I've said, so many times, that if you play a Fender guitar you are either a Telecaster guy or a Stratocaster guy? And that never the twain shall meet?

And do you also remember that business I was giving you a while back about painters being either green guys or blue guys? Goya, for example, being a green guy and Matisse being a blue guy (although his use of green is almost celestial). And that I'm a green guy?

All of this by way of saying that I've just finished making guacamole in anticipation of the Jets game. The key, if you have them, by the way, is to salt the tomatoes. In the dead of winter, here on the South Slope, decent tomatoes are a bit hard to come by, though.

That glitch aside, however, how 'bout those Jets? I would, as an act of purely objective quantification, say that my life is regularly more catastrophic than yours is, dear reader. So it is nice to sit back on a cold Saturday, beer, chips, home-made guacamole in hand, so to speak, and watch the Jets begin their quest for the Superbowl.

This, I believe, is titled "Woman with Green Stripe", or something like that:

My guacamole is the color of the swipe of paint under her right eye.


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