Friday, May 21, 2010

Doing my part in these difficult times

If you see either of these paintings ...

in the house, say, of an acquaintance who strikes you as a bit dodgy...

or wrapped in burlap in the back of a pick-up truck... please contact me. They were recently stolen from Frances version of MoMA--le Musee d'Art Moderne. I'm probably missing a letter or two, plus one of those squiggles that goes atop an E, but you get the idea.

There's also an early Braque (when he was a sort of Fauvist), a Matisse and a Leger floating around too.

The Modigliani (I'll let you guess which of the two is Big Mo's), titled Woman with a Fan, is my favorite of the bunch. But the Picasso gets the award for best title: Dove with Green Peas.

Now THAT, dear reader, is a title!


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