Friday, May 14, 2010

Red Geithner ... the T-Shirt

Consider this, dear reader:

T-Shirts! One for each daughter (although don't spoil the surprise by mentioning anything), plus one for me.

This is not the work, I must say, of my own hands. But rather, that of a fan of sorts. The copy reads: "It's Timmy AGAIN. Can you PLEASE tell Lloyd that I called?"

Which is reminiscent, if that's even how you spell it, of the line scrawled along the bottom right of Big Lloyd 3 (The Root):

Can you read it? It's in blue, and it says, I think, "Mr. Blankfein? It's Secretary Paulson on the line."

Same idea, different apparatchik. If that's even how you spell it.

For the record, he (the fan, not Geithner or Blankfein) was nice enough to ask permission to print up a limited edition of the shirts and so I gave him the go-ahead. The back copy was a surprise, but I appreciated the "By Geoffrey Raymond" plug.

Here's the closeup.

Makes quite a strong T-Shirt, doesn't it?


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