Monday, April 26, 2010

Live Blogging the Claremont Prep fundraiser--the final episode slash Ca-Ching! (If that's how you spell it)

Obviously none of this is actually live blogging. I mean, it's days after the fact.

I was informed earlier today, however, that The Annotated Mem Fox sold for three grand. Ca-Ching! If that's how you spell it, and if "sold" is the right word for an auction-based transaction.
They do say SOLD! when they put the hammer down.
At auctions.
Yeah. So maybe that is the right word.
Regardless, I'm delighted. The Claremont Prep people actually seem quite pleasant. They sent this image along in the general "thanks for participating" email, which made me smile.

Shows you they have sense of humor. Which counts for a lot in these parts.
I'm a big fan of Mad Men.
Me too.
And what a wreck January Jones' character is turning into. That's a great picture.
I can't wait for it to start again.
Likewise Friday Night Lights.
I would urge you to send your child there, dear reader, assuming you: a) have a child of the appropriate dimensions, and b) can afford the freight, tuition-wise.
I bet that's a ton of dough
The tuition? I would love to know that number.

Me too.
I bet it's more than what I paid for my first car.
Gimme a break. You paid $600 for your first car. Of course it's more than that.
I'm just saying.

Do you think that having paintings floating around out there that sold for three grand is good for your general sales? It doesn't worry you that it lowers your average, so to speak?
Naaah. Life is short. Plus I only painted half. A bunch of four-year-olds painted the other half, and that's gotta knock something off the top.
Fair enough.


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