Thursday, April 15, 2010

We never stand taller than when we stoop to help a child

And just to show you that I'm not all about the money, consider this rather blurry picture of the PreK art class at Claremont Prep. The man in the left foreground is a member of the press--writing a story, apparently, for the school newspaper.

This is the painting that the kids and I created--a portrait of popular children's book author Mem Fox. You are familar with her work?

This is the final product, awaiting annotation by the class and me. It doesn't really look that much like Ms. Fox, but I decided I didn't want to mess with the class product too profoundly.

The idea is that the class will annotate the painting, then the work will be auctioned at the Spring Fundraiser event for the school.

What do I get? Well...I suppose I get the satisfaction of brightening those kids lives for a day. Although, truth be told, they looked pretty bright already.


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