Monday, April 05, 2010

Nice day...bad anthem

I feel like the back of my neck's getting dirty and gritty.

Why, you ask? Because it's a hot town, it's summer in the city (more or less) and the Mets are kicking off their year at Nouche. Pronounced New Shea. As opposed, I suppose, to Citi Field.

Later I'm going to a downtown bar called The Ketch to sell a man a print of my painting of Hank Greenberg. Not the famous slugger--the now absent face of the American International Group. With luck, he'll buy the drinks too. With more luck, his fellow AIG employees will see the print, resplendent on the wall of his office, and order copies of their own. After I sell this guy this one I'll have 99 left. Which should be plenty.

All that said, I think I heard the worst rendition of the National Anthem ever--EVER--to kick off the game. Sung by a group of veterans called 4troops (no space), it was just horrid. And the female in the quartet? Well, call me shallow but I like my female vocal artists to either be able to sing or to look like Beyonce or, ideally, both. This woman couldn't sing worth a damn and she looked like the woman in the deli on 4th Avenue who everybody says looks like she eats paste.

It was so upsetting I took the dog for a walk. I then tuned back in to see the estimable David Wright hit a two-run homer in his first at-bat of the season and now I'm feeling better. I'm gonna heat up a batch of my famous vegetarian chili with chicken and bacon, pop open a Bud Light, and enjoy the game until it's time to leave.


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